About RCMI

Realty Center Management, Inc. (RCMI) was established in 1984 by the former principals of the Parks, Palmer, Turner & Yemenidjian (PPTY) accounting firm to manage their real estate holdings, as well as those of their numerous high-profile clients. James R. Parks, a founding partner of PPTY is Chairman of the Board and a 50% shareholder of RCMI.

For over 30 years, RCMI and its affiliates have expanded their management services to include the assets of third party owners, and manage a large and diversified portfolio of properties in California, Texas and Louisiana. Currently, RCMI manages and has an ownership interest through affiliates of over 9470 apartment units and approximately 200,000 square feet of commercial office space. The assets under management have a fair market value over $1.5 Billion.

RCMI has established its reputation by providing a high level of personalized service, matched by an innovative and practical approach to the business and commercial challenges which face clients in today's real estate markets.

In addition to its management services, RCMI and its affiliate companies collectively offer a full-service approach to real estate transactions, providing consulting, brokerage, financial, and advisory services. These services focus on planning, investment, and development of significant real estate projects. RCMI’s commitment to value-added service and measurable results has earned it a reputation as one of the leading experts in the acquisition, development, management, and ownership of a diverse portfolio of real estate projects.

Based on the philosophy that successful real estate investment requires both exceptional management and planning, RCMI professionals take pride in resourceful and innovative techniques accompanied by time-honored methods. We use creative marketing approaches supported by experience and extensive real estate knowledge, as well as analytical skills and the latest technology. RCMI’s integrated computerized accounting and cost control system delivers accurate information and comprehensive results for the most complex analyses and review. RCMI also tracks and compares trends so that it can operate proactively rather than merely react to unforeseen circumstances.

RCMI is constantly reviewing and upgrading our Internet Marketing and presence to insure that we employing the best practices, policies, and procedures.

Unlike many real estate investment firms which have a blend of strengths and weaknesses, RCMI offers expertise and proven results in all areas related to real estate investment. Each client benefits from the RCMI team of trained, licensed, and experienced professionals with backgrounds in public accounting, banking, finance, law, brokerage, construction, and property management.

The primary goal at RCMI is to create value through outstanding management and the successful implementation of financial objectives. Through its successes and those of its investors and partners, RCMI has enjoyed tremendous growth and success, having capitalized and created a diversified series of real estate investment opportunities. A successful portfolio starts with one well-chosen and well-managed investment. With the expertise of RCMI, its investors and partners have built successful and diversified real estate portfolios, able to provide economic security beyond that of other types of investments.

As part of its overall strategy, RCMI and its affiliated companies define and implement innovative, achievable financing solutions for the private sectors. RCMI also creates value for its investors and partners by creating financial solutions that seek to minimize borrowing costs, while enhancing operational flexibility and minimizing interest fluctuation rate risk.

At RCMI there exists the experience to get both the complex and ordinary real estate projects through the inevitable cycles that have destroyed many real estate investment portfolios. RCMI’s three decades of successful growth is a testament to that ability.